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Property, Land or Company Issues?

Black Sea Property awaits your call, with many years of experience in sorting Company and Property issues for foreign buyers we are the first company many people call to sort out their concerns.

Our Direct and Partner Services

We can manage and assist in company formations, assignment of Power of Attorney, legal matters with the courts and lawyers as well as all the municipalities requirements re land registration and relevant company and property taxes.

BSP deploys a number of specialist service providers, over the years we have honed and selected what we consider to be a very balanced and fair set of individuals to conduct our clients activities.  



Konstantin Smoletcov

Petar Petrov

Ekaterina Katelieva

Land Specilaist
Vladislav Andreev

Daniela Karamihova

Tax Offices
All Areas Covered

Municipality Offices
All Areas Covered



  • Property Issues
  • Company and Property management

Property Issues

Issues client are having with their property led the way in BSP establishing its own team of experts to solve the many problems our clients have and are suffering.

Legal and accounts

  • UK and Bulgarian Administrators
  • Regulation consultants
  • Government and municipality contacts.

It is unfortunate that property buyers have had so many problems but the truth is it is something that cannot be ignored. So whatever your problem is, give us a call and find out how easy it is for us to HELP you.

Company and property management

BSP has been providing company and property management for its clients since early 2004, and its success is founded on our policy of always trying to exceed our clients expectations, and by only charging clients what they need.

At BPC we believe in offering our clients the chance to pay only for the services you need and not to package products and services to waste your time and your money.

Key Holding

There is always a need for your property keys to be held securely in Bulgaria:

  1. Maybe you left them behind
  2. You have guests arriving that need to gain entry
  3. You have a maintenance issue that needs to be addressed
  4. You want the property inspected.

Keys can be left in our offices is our safe box and made available for you 24/7

POA (Power of Attorney)

Having a local representative carrying your power of attorney is always an advantage if there are bills to be paid, issues addressed or any local representation needed.

Property Admin

  • Payment of bills, and local taxes.
  • Collect your new mail regularly and forward it to you

Property company management.

Property Inspections – when unoccupied.

This can be contracted based on a series of visits or ordered as a spot check. We also provide alongside this vital property visit service a post maintenance check (This service has proven very popular over the years and consists of a site visit to a property after 3rd party maintenance is carried out and usually prior to the final payment to the 3rd party contractor.

  • Ventilate and air the property
  • Check the security of the property, grounds and perimeter.
  • Check for pests and vermin and recommend remedial action
  • Make sure all your lights and water supply points are working, taps, bath, shower, bides are functioning and flush the toilets;
  • Make sure all of your electrical equipment, boiler and electro domestic appliances are in working order
  • Make sure all your security services and alarm system equipment are fully functional.
  • Detailed Report + Photos with recommendations and advice about any necessary repairs.

Post maintenance checks

  • Visit the site and take a series of photos.
  • Check according to your specification the work carried out
  • Check the site and the security of the property
  • Issue a complete visit report.
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