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About Varna

Bulgaria and its Black Sea Coast has been a popular playground with its stunning beaches, rich culture and friendly people, with Eastern Europeans for many years. In recent years Western Europeans have discovered its Beauty, and its many property bargains.

But as will all emerging markets, and with the help of the recent global crisis the market has faltered. A worry for some new investors but for the seasoned investor who saw the Spanish market do the same in the early 80’s and more recently during the recent crisis, the market will turn. Fortunately for the few remaining property agents things have started to recover and with bargains plentiful the market is showing some promising signs of recovery.

Recent ascension into Europe has been painful for Bulgarians but signs are now showing that more investment is on its way to improve infrastructure and to develop a coherent plan for the black sea and the development of a truly first class tourism destination.

Running from North to South along the coast there are plentiful beaches and apart from the principle resort area like Albena, Goldensands, Varna, Obzor, sunny beach, and Burgas most of the beaches are secluded and finding a beach to yourself is still possible. As to attractions, there are some fantastic golf courses, all the history you wish to view, and theme parks and water parks a plenty. And for shoppers looking for a bargain there are more shopping Malls per capita than any other destination in Europe. (Varna a City of 250.000 population has 7 malls alone).

Eating out the choice and selection is enormous and with a mainly Mediterranean style of cuisine the food is generally very healthy, and the lack of preservatives means eating a salad will remind you what a tomato used to and should taste like.


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