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About us

The BSP offices have been located in Varna since early 2004. We have always strived to maintain our business based on best practice, and always place great emphasis on our dedication to be professional, but still retain that personal touch we know our clients appreciate.

44444Many businesses in the property market have disappeared over recent years, and we believe our survival has been due to our commitment to provide a turnkey solution for property buyers and owners.

The key has been to ensure all our properties are fit for sale and the offers we make are transparent and fair, then to support our clients through every step of the purchase and offer a comprehensive support package so they can fully enjoy their properties without the worry and stress of owning in a foreign country. BSP staff are available to support its clients 24/7

Our turn key policy on support is driven by our client’s needs 24/7, and at BSP we offer our clients simple Key Holding, to translating to their neighbor, all the way through all elements of company and property management to legal representation.

Our policy on service is simple if our clients need anything provide it and if we can’t do it 110% find someone who can.


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